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Angeala de Burca

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher (ITM)

How often do you stop to think about how you move as you go about your daily life?


We use and direct our bodies in everything we do. Sitting, standing and walking; cooking, gardening and talking; everything we do and how well we do it depends on the standard of our mental and physical skills. The Alexander Technique makes it possible to improve our mental and physical skills simultaneously so that we can get much more out everything we do, and consequently life itself.


What is the Alexander Technique? Based on the discoveries of FM Alexander (1869-1955), the Alexander Technique is a powerful approach for making positive changes in all areas of life. Already well known amongst performers and sports-people, it is a unique method for personal development and general self-improvement, and its benefits are available to all.

The aim of Alexander’s work is to understand the mental processes with which we direct our movements and behaviours. As new possibilities in thinking and moving emerge over time, a continuing freedom and ease in the standard of all movements, simple and specialised, can become part of a new everyday experience.


Why study the Alexander Technique? There are many reasons why people choose to have lessons. They may wish to address physical tension and pain or perhaps to make improvements in a specialised activity. By learning how to gradually reduce unnecessary efforts and tension, many people are thrilled to discover that the real reward of this work is increased mental clarity and creative thinking. Alexander’s work is a process that can open the way to what he himself described as ‘a whole new way of living’.


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